Netedge: Comprehensive End to End Services and Development for Optimized Productivity

CIO Vendor As dynamic as it gets, the managed service domain simply gets more and more competitive with the number of services one can provide without compromising with the quality of every one of them. Racing strong in the same domain, Established in 2004, Ahmedabad headquartered Netedge Technology offers IT services like Technical Support, Server Management, Web hosting Support, Dedicated Staffing, Infrastructure Management, Cloud Services and Software Development. Netedge Technology provides a full range of services to help customers build, secure and manage world-class IT infrastructures that deliver business value through improved services, higher productivity, and reduced costs.

The challenges existing with server management are not problems, but more of tasks that every server management provider needs to accomplish to basically call itself a managed service provider. The approach, however, differentiates the best from the bests. Netedge Technology server management service offers reliable, secure and ITIL- compliant support and management services for any type of Linux(Redhat, Fedora, CentOS and Debian) and Microsoft (Windows 2000& 2003)and SUN Solaris. While having managed server infrastructure for corporate and datacenters, Netedge Technology has played a pivotal role in reducing server operational expenses, increasing server availability, improving data protection and enhancing flexibility. This enables businesses maintain a competitive edge.

Server Independent Assistance
Moreover, Netedge’s Control panel Server Management plan provides users unlimited admin work on Control panel hosting servers. This also implies that Netedge promises to provide support as many times as the user requires. For any server like CentOS, Fedora, RHEL or Free
BSD, Netedge’s control panel experts are available 24x7 to provide exceptional service at the lowest prices possible. Hardik Achary, CEO explains that if a business or a user intends to host a website on a server, the control panel,i.e. web based software can be leveraged to take any kind of admin decision like, add a domain, configure, and delete. This in turn, makes server management user friendly. Web hosts can easily provide their customers with a complete range of maintenance services right from the control panel interface and the team at Netedge takes care of management of client’s control panel. Every service includes a competitive price, and a specified turnaround time.

Netedge’s Control panel Server Management plan provides users unlimited admin work on Control panel hosting servers

Extending its expertise in managed services, Netedge also does infrastructure automation that not only includes server infrastructure but the software as well. For a client looking for virtualization and server packages on a web hosting company, Netedge does end to end automation; starting from placing the order to receiving the payment to allocation of the virtual server followed by sending mails to clients with details of the server. “Everything can be automated with out any user interaction within few minutes”, adds Hardik. For a fact, Netedge is currently providing more than 28 services.

Looking at innovation from a service provider’s perspective, Netedge is looking towards Crypto currency development and a feature rich form of Tech Support Software. Presently concentrating on high end cloud infrastructure management, Netedge shows promises to end up becoming a stop shop for all the infrastructure needs.