SKYBERTECH: Virtual CIO (vCIO) - Business IT Consultant Providing Best- Fit Technology Solutions

Suresh Kumar, MD
A business is not to underestimate its abilities to cope up with the operational challenges colliding with the infrastructure, risks and workflow. However, if one is to say that the business does not require an IT professional consulting the business is either overestimating itself or it is not really interested to focus on its core business. An emerging trend surrounding Virtual CIO(vCIO)is on the rounds and slowly catching pace, thanks to new age managed service providers like Kochi headquartered Skybertech. The vCIO is usually a separate IT service provider that collaborates with and advises clients' IT departments and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO. Those duties include formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes. Pioneering the concept of Virtual CIO,Skybertech also provides recommendations aligning with the technology best fitting a business’applications, performance criteria, budget, or existing IT infrastructure.

The Managing Director of Skybertech, Suresh Kumar,an IT technocrat with over 22+ years of experience with number of Corporate across India, has been working as a virtual CIO delivering complete end to end assistance and strategies that a full-time CIO will provide, but at a fraction of the cost. While adopting the latest technologies in their organizations, the assembly companies are not ready to spend a large amount for appointing a full-time CIO level leader. Suresh explains that out of the 30 businesses Skybertech earned as clients in Kerala, most don't have the outlook about the trending technologies and how to go through the latest adoption. Skybertech enters to give all the initiatives right from cost reduction to maximum utilization of IT in their business. Taking a different approach, instead of appointing a single employee, Skybertech employs 15 positions in the organization. These employees hail from different domains of expertise
like Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, Jewellery, E-Commerce etc. and take care of different projects.

Efficient IT Auditing
Spending a fortune on IT but not having a proper IT asset and AMC or renewals is a common bottleneck every business faces. Therefore, Skybertech takes the entire IPR into a database and evaluates their connectivity and other parameters. With the collected data, the expenditure and deficiencies are evaluated and corrective measures are coordinated to evade the deficiency detected. In terms of networking and user access, Skybertech coordinates to prevent any individual or ex-employee to access the business’ financial application data hosted on their own servers, from anywhere. This measure brings in the security level to a higher form. Skybertech has been spreading a lot of awareness through educating businesses by means of their approach and exceptional solutions.

Skybertech takes the entire IPR into a database and evaluates their connectivity and other parameters

Digital CIO 2016 by Cybermedia, Edge 2014 Award by Information Week, Global IT Innovation Award in Global Safety Summit 2016, Indias Future CIO Award by IT Next 2013, Global IT Innovation Award by World Safety Forum, URF Talent Award by Universal Record Forum etc. are some of the recognitions bestowed on Suresh Kumar. His vision and exemplary strategies work to educate the businesses about the wonders of external players in auditing, management, implementation and maintenance. Starting with that, Skybertech is looking forward to operating in a three-fold process- IT Auditing- where the consultants will analyze the business problems by conducting Gap Analysis, followed by framing solutions by the pro in house IT consultants to those problem and finally coordinate for solutions and implementations to the loopholes detected. With a plethora of reputed clients, Skybertech is determined to expand geographically and in terms of service portfolio as well.